5 Great Hot Tub Health Benefits (And the Science of Hot Water Therapy)

Hot tubs always seem like great ideas. Wrapped in a plush cotton robe, you can step out under a blanket of stars and dip into the warm embrace of calm, healing waters. But, while the setting is serene, did you know there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye?

Hot tub health benefits can cover nearly every area of the body: the heart, the skin, the muscles, the bones. And, as our physical bodies start to reap the health benefits of a hot tub, so does our psyche.

Our minds can relax and, with a release from pain, we just may experience a wealth of restful nights. Let’s dip into five of our favorite perks of a life ensconced in peaceful waters.

1. Lower Blood Pressure

Let’s start with one of the most striking benefits of hot water therapy. It does two things to the heart. First, it increases your heart rate. This creates a nice opportunity for your heart to stretch its legs, so to speak, and get a nice cardiovascular workout.

While your heart rate is increasing, your blood pressure may also be decreasing. So, those who suffer from chronic high blood pressure may benefit from a dip in hot water.

However, here comes a little disclaimer: those with cardiovascular conditions like heart disease should speak with their doctor first. You want to make sure that the little cardiovascular workout you’re about to get won’t be too much.

2. Clearer Skin

Let’s move onto another fabulous organ: the skin! Next up on the list of hot tub benefits is clearer skin. All that glorious hot water is going to open your pores (while your body sweats out some of its impurities). 

We’re talking about a release from all kinds of dirt and toxins. Then, once you’re back inside, take a hose off in the shower and moisturize. Your potentially clearer, healthier skin is going to drink up that moisture like a desert flower.

3. Reduced Joint Pain

Those afflicted with joint pain like arthritis may enjoy the benefits of a hot tub. Warm water can reduce some of the swelling that causes the awful grinding of joint-related aches and pains.

There’s also a buoyancy effect that comes from soaking in hot water. For as long as you’re able to soak, your body is slightly suspended, thanks to the science of floating. This gives aching joints a moment to take a break from their everyday work and simply float on.

4. Reduced Muscle Pain

How about that strained muscle? Or maybe your morning jogs have given you a slight case of shin splints. Whatever muscular issue you’re dealing with may be temporarily alleviated by hot tubbing. 

The same relief that our joints might experience can be embraced by our muscles, too. When our muscles get aggravated, they tend to get red and swell up. But, a dip in the calming waters of a hot tub can take all that swelling down for a period of time. 

5. Better Sleep

Guess what all this alleviation means? You won’t lay down at night and focus on your aches and pains. Tossing and turning might be replaced with waves of peaceful slumber. 

With calmed joints and muscles, you can return to your master suite, hose off the hot tub water, moisturize your skin, and then tuck yourself in for a refreshing night’s rest. 

Hot Tub Health Benefits for You

Whether you’re a victim of chronic pain or just have a little bit of neck tension from staring at a screen all day, hot tub health benefits can improve your daily living.

Soaking away your cares with the company of a great book or your loved one is the perfect way to start or finish any day.

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