Peak Ozone System

Out-of-this-World Sanitization

Behold the Brilliance of Ozone

Pure and flawless spa water

Peak Ozone Oxidation offers superior sanitization capabilities, while decreasing reliance on harsh chemical spa cleaners.

This system uses ozone particles derived from our earth’s atmosphere to safely and effectively break down high amounts of organic carbon, microorganisms, and endotoxins, providing other-worldly sanitation for your spa.

Ozone is not only a powerful oxidizing and disinfection agent, but is also an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical sanitizers. By using naturally occurring compounds to clean your spa’s water, Ozone significantly reduces the risk of excess inorganic compounds within your hot tub and the environment, meaning you can simply unwind while this oxidation system does the rest.

Explore out-of-this-world sanitation, with Arctic Spas’ Peak Ozone System, today.