Swim Systems

Offering Fun, Fitness, and Relaxation in Every Model

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Swim Zones

In designing our All Weather Pools, we made sure to include vast spaces for swimming, rowing, relaxation, and entertainment.

With six unique models to choose from, you can find your perfect balance of relaxation and fitness in one of our distinctly unique All Weather Pools.

Monsoon Countercurren

The Monsoon swim system’s high volume jets provide the perfect countercurrent for recreational swimming and fitness capabilities.

These six stacked jets create the ideal environment for all-around fun, entertainment, and activities.

Arctic Spas monsoon Jets

Niagara Countercurrent

Arctic Spas niagara feature

Providing a powerful current for swimmers to race against, the Niagara System creates an idyllic fitness environment for users of any level.

The Niagara jet is adjustable in both vertical and horizontal planes for improved performance that caters to your specific fitness needs. With water traveling at up to 27 feet per second, this powerful, unobtrusive system transforms select All-Weather Pools into complete wellness oasis’.